engagement ring settings

Sure, the stone is important when buying an engagement ring, but it needs the right engagement ring setting to really make it sparkle, and show her that you really know her style. Our Jewelry Consultants can help come up with style options based on a few simple questions about her, and help determine whether she might love a classic setting, modern or vintage style engagement ring setting.


A Few Gems of Wisdom:

• If she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, a simple solitaire engagement setting is an easy, elegant and eye-catching way to get engaged. With solitaires, your great taste in diamonds or gemstones stands for itself.

• Women who love to shine brightly tend to love multistone or halo engagement settings. Pavé set styles feature dozens of smaller stones that enhance the appearance of your center stone – a glamorous choice indeed.

Three-stone engagement rings are a classic engagement ring setting designed to symbolize your past, present and future. These romantic rings make a sentimental statement with sparkle to spare.

• Plan Ahead: Many Gemvara engagement ring styles feature matching wedding band options, which can be a good thing to think about when choosing your piece. Wedding ring sets that stack up seamlessly are a joy to wear and to behold.

In addition to style, choosing a metal for your engagement ring setting is a crucial step in deciding upon your engagement ring setting. Different color precious metals work better with different skin tones – cool skin tones (pink, red or bluish undertones) work best with white gold, platinum and silver; yellow and rose gold complement warm skin tones (yellow, peach or golden undertones), and neutral skin tones can wear any color metal. But what it really comes down to is her personal preference – which colors does she wear most? This is the best way to determine which precious metal to pick. Gemvara features settings in the following:

  • Yellow Gold — its warm tone brings a sunny glow and offsets any yellow coloring in a diamond. This precious metal is considered a classic for a reason.
  • Rose Gold — a romantic, somewhat unexpected choice, rose gold plays well with both white gold and yellow gold, making it a seamless addition to a jewelry wardrobe.
  • White Gold — luxuriously gold, yet cool-toned like silver, white gold is a more-affordable alternative to platinum that won’t tarnish like sterling.
  • *Pro tip: When choosing between 18K and 14K gold, keep in mind that while 14K tends to be stronger and more affordable, 18K is easier to polish and repair. It also has a higher value - an important factor to consider when making an investment in fine jewelry.
  • Platinum — the most luxurious and strongest of the precious metals, platinum’s pleasing weight and satiny patina set it apart from other metals, and make an ideal showcase for your beautiful stone. Plus, platinum is so pure, it’s hypoallergenic - a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.
  • Palladium — a more affordable alternative to platinum, palladium is pure and white-toned like platinum, but slightly less dense. Its luster and cool hue make is hard to tell apart from platinum, but its lightweight feel makes it oh-so easy to wear.
  • Sterling Silver — our most affordable metal is ideal for fashion looks, but for a ring you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life, consider another precious metal that won’t tarnish like silver can.