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  • Round Amethyst Platinum Ring with Diamond

    Natalie Ring

    Amethyst (my favorite gemstone) takes center stage in this engagement ring, surrounded by two elegant diamond halos for a vintage look.

    Natalie Ring »
  • Platinum Ring with Amethyst & Diamond

    Natalie Band

    Amethyst and diamond alternate in the Natalie Ring's matching band, creating a perfectly-paired wedding set.

    Natalie Band »
  • Emerald-Cut Iolite 14K Rose Gold Ring with Diamond

    Samantha Ring

    I'm in love with rose gold too, and the iolite center stone in this piece gives it extra vintage glamour.

    Samantha Ring »
  • 14K Rose Gold Ring with Diamond

    Samantha Band

    The Samantha Ring's matching wedding band shines in rose gold and diamonds. Rose gold is stylish yet classic, and you'll love this pair for years to come.

    Samantha Band »
  • Checkerboard Cushion Pavilion Rose de France Sterling Silver Ring

    Naked Cushion Ring

    Match the sparkle in your eye with some sparkle on your finger. Make a statement during the reception, and best of all? Wear it on your honeymoon too!

    Pure Cushion Ring »
  • Emerald-Cut Peridot 14K Yellow Gold Ring

    Jada Ring

    An ideal ring for the honeymoon, especially if your destination is sunny and warm. Peridot pops and gold shines in this piece.

    Jada Ring »