Gemvara Birthstones

  • January: Garnet

    The January birthstone is garnet, the traveler's gem that protects you when you are on the road. Garnets turn strangers into friends. Wear garnet and be adventurous.

    January: Garnet »
  • February: Amethyst

    The February birthstone is amethyst, the gem of peace. Amethyst's soothing powers even enhance the tranquility of meditation. Wear amethyst and be serene.

    February: Amethyst »
  • March: Aquamarine

    The March birthstone is aquamarine, the gem of happiness. Aquamarine promotes harmony with friends and lovers. Wear aquamarine and be joyful.

    March: Aquamarine »
  • April: Diamond

    The April birthstone is diamond, the gem of forever. Diamonds are so dazzling, the Romans thought they were fallen stars. Wear diamonds and be brilliant.

    April: Diamond »
  • May: Emerald

    The May birthstone is emerald, the gem of renewal. The gem of the goddess Venus, emerald has long symbolized love and fertility. Wear emerald and be creative.

    May: Emerald »
  • June: Alexandrite & Pearl

    June's birthstones are alexandrite and pearl. Feminine and enchanting, pearls are the gems of pure perfection and are said to glow with captured moonlight. Alexandrite's awe-inspiring colors change from shades of green to vivid reds as it moves from sunlight to incandescent, and it is said to bring good luck and fortune to its bearer.

    June: Alexandrite & Pearl »
  • July: Ruby

    The July birthstone is ruby, the gem of desire. Dramatic red ruby attracts the eye and quickens the pulse with a flame that never goes out. Wear ruby and be passionate.

    July: Ruby »
  • August: Peridot

    The August birthstone is peridot, the gem of resilience. Peridot forms in extreme conditions, like volcanoes and meteorites. Wear peridot and be brilliant under pressure.

    August: Peridot »
  • November: Citrine

    The November birthstone is citrine, the gem of optimism. Sunny citrine protects against jealousy and keeps the glass half-full. Wear citrine and be positive.

    November: Citrine »
  • December: Topaz & Tanzanite

    December's birthstones are blue topaz and tanzanite. Blue topaz is the gem of clarity, with the power to dispel enchantment. Wear topaz and be perceptive. Supremely raretanzanite is the gem of enchantment. Wear tanzanite and be mesmerizing.

    December: Topaz & Tanzanite »