Installment Payments

What are Installment Payments?

Installment payments are an easy and hassle-free finance option for your Gemvara purchase. Pay in 2 or 3 equal monthly interest-FREE installments.

When do I receive my Gemvara piece?

The order is processed immediately upon checkout. Your Gemvara piece will then be handcrafted and delivered to you 1-2 weeks from the date of your purchase. As always, our 101 day returns, free ring sizing and free shipping will apply once you receive your piece.

What information do I need to provide to Gemvara?

Simply select which Installment Payment you are interested in (2 installments or 3 installments) and proceed to checkout. You do not need to supply us with any additional information and we will not perform a credit check.

Will I have to pay interest?

All payments made through our installment payment plan are interest-free! No additional fees apply.

How are installment payments processed?

Your first payment is charged at the time of purchase. Your credit card will be automatically charged subsequent equal monthly installments starting one month from the date of purchase.

What if I cannot complete my payments?

The merchandise remains the property of Gemvara until the full payment is made. Gemvara reserves the right to take the necessary action to recover the piece or the missed payments.

I live outside of the U.S. & Canada - am I eligible for Installment Payments?

Unfortunately Installment Payments are not available for orders processed through international checkout - this means that only orders within the United States and Canada are eligible for Installment Payments.

Have more questions?

Contact our Jewelry Consultants: 1-800-436-8803 for more information.