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About Pearl Jewelry

When you are shopping for pearl jewelry, the most important value factor to consider is the quality of the pearl. Natural cultured pearl colors are much more valuable than dyed pearl colors, which often look too vivid or harsh to come from nature. Gemvara does not sell any dyed pearls.

The quality of a cultured pearl is judged by luster, the reflectivity and shine of the surface, and the orient, which is the soft iridescence caused by the refraction of light by the layers of nacre. Also look for any flaws or spots in the nacre: the best pearls have an even smooth texture. Other factors that affect value are the regularity of the shape, size, and color.

Pearls are organic, created when a mollusk like an oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre, the mother of pearl. Most pearls today are cultured by man. A shell bead or mantle tissue is placed inside an oyster and the oyster is returned to the water. The mollusk does the rest: it covers the implanted shell or with layer after layer of lustrous nacre.

Although the culturing of pearls began in Japan with the saltwater white Akoya pearl, today the majority of the cultured pearls on the market, even traditional-looking white strands, are freshwater pearls cultured in the lakes of China. China has added beautiful natural pastel shades to the pearl palette: lovely warm pinks, oranges, and purples.

In the warmer waters of the South Pacific, bigger mollusks produce South Sea cultured pearls and black Tahitian cultured pearls, which come in larger sizes. South Sea golden cultured pearls are the world's most valued pearls for their buttery color and natural satiny luster.

Because all Gemvara jewelry is made to order, we can hand-select the perfect pearl for your design. What is the meaning of pearls in the language of gems? Pearls have long symbolized perfection and purity, making them popular for brides. Pearls are the most feminine of gems. According to ancient Chinese legend, the moon holds the power to create pearls, instilling them with its celestial glow and mystery.

Pearl is the June birthstone and the 3rd and 30th anniversary gem.

Pearl jewelry is crafted in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum or sterling silver.

Because pearls are organic, they have a relatively low hardness of 2.5 to 3.5 and should be stored away from other jewelry to prevent scratching. Always put on perfume, lotion, and sprays before you put on pearls, since chemicals may be absorbed into the surface of pearls, staining them. Wipe your pearls clean with a moist soft cloth after wearing them.

Gemvara's fine quality pearl jewelry is designed to be passed down for generations to come, crafted by hand in the United States.


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