Fire Opal Jewelry


About Fire Opal Jewelry

When you are shopping for fire opal jewelry, the most important value factor to consider is the quality of the fire opal. Born in the fire of Mexico's volcanoes, fire opal's natural bright orange is unmatched in the gem kingdom. The more vivid and bright the orange hue, the more valuable the fire opal. Unlike most opal, fire opal is faceted and has brilliance as well as that bright day-glo orange color. Cut is more important than clarity, since fire opal often has a welcome haziness that actually increases the vibrancy of its color.

Because all Gemvara jewelry is made to order, we can hand-select fine-quality fire opal to perfectly suit your design.

What is the meaning of fire opal in the language of gems? Fire opal symbolizes the union of opposites: fire and water. Fire opal forms when water seeps into silica-rich red-hot lava, filling seams and hollows. Under heat and pressure, the silica forms a solid gel, trapping the remaining water within its structure. Small pebbles of fire opal are found embedded in lava flows.

Opal is the October birthstone and the 14th anniversary gem.

With a color that complements most metals, fire opal jewelry is crafted in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Because the bright orange hue of your fire opal jewelry will catch the eye, you will want to match the color of fire opal earrings or a fire opal necklace closely to the color of a fire opal ring.

Fire opal, like all opal, has high water content. As a result, it should be protected from heat and prolonged exposure to strong light, which could dry it out. Fire opal jewelry should be protected from scratches when not being worn and rings should be removed during heavy activity. Clean fire opal jewelry with mild dish soap: use a soft brush behind the stone where dust can collect.

Gemvara's fine quality fire opal jewelry is designed to be passed down for generations to come, crafted by hand in the United States.


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