Band Rings


About Band Rings

Band rings are more than just jewelry - they can be symbols of independence, fashion statements, celebrations of birth, symbols of a life-long promise, or a romantic pledge that you'd marry all over again. A band ring that can be worn with your engagement ring and wedding band is a traditional anniversary gift. Whether your taste leans towards the modern, vintage, classic, or avant-garde, Gemvara has a selection of elegant band rings that perfectly reflect you. Consider one of our highly coveted stackable gemstone bands or a unique band ring inspired by the natural world, gothic cathedrals, or sleek modern architecture. Once you find a design, you can make it yours in your choice of gems and recycled precious metals. Gemvara's heirloom-quality band rings are designed to be passed down for generations. Each ring is crafted by hand in the United States just for you.


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