White Sapphire Earrings


About White Sapphire Earrings

When you are shopping for white sapphire jewelry, the most important value factor to consider is the quality of the sapphire. A fine white sapphire is perfectly colorless with very good clarity, since the lack of color means inclusions will be more visible. Cut is very important: a well cut white sapphire with be much more brilliant, although never quite as brilliant as a diamond. The larger the carat weight, the more a white sapphire will cost per carat.

Because all Gemvara jewelry is made to order, we can hand-select fine-quality white sapphire to perfectly suit your design.

What does wearing white sapphire earrings mean in the language of gems? Sapphire is the gem of truth and the soul. In ancient times, a gift of a sapphire was a pledge of trust and loyalty.

Sapphire is the September birthstone, the gem of the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary, and the zodiac gem for Virgo.

Colorless white sapphire is so desirable that producers take an extra step after mining and before cutting to eliminate all color. Before their final polish, most sapphires are heated to almost 2,000 degrees. Heat enhancement is stable, does not require special care, and does not reduce the stone's value.

White sapphire jewelry is most often crafted in white or yellow gold or platinum but silver is also an option if budget is a concern.

Sapphire is a very durable gem that wears well over generations. Clean sapphire jewelry with mild dish soap: use a soft brush behind the stone where dust can collect.

Gemvara's fine quality white sapphire earrings are designed to be passed down for generations to come, crafted by hand in the United States.


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