Stud Earrings


About Stud Earrings

Stud earrings can be worn any time of year for any occasion, whether it's a trip to the store or on your wedding day. If you love a vintage or Old Hollywood glam look, go for a pair of gemstone earrings surrounded by a pave gem halo. Gemvara stud earrings also feature styles like knots, hearts, flowers, and more. Whatever your personal style is, from the classic to the supremely elegant, we have it in your favorite precious metals and gemstones.

Many jewelry makers choose lower-quality gems for their stud earrings than for their rings; these manufacturers may state that the quality doesn't matter since the earrings are partially hidden from view by hair or because you cannot see them while you're wearing them. Gemvara hand selects the stones for your stud earrings using the same careful attention to detail used with our brilliant gemstone rings. Our stud earrings are made to last as long as the rest of your jewelry, crafted in the United States from high-quality materials.


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