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We'd be happy to help you get it right! Request a free Gemvara ring sizing kit by entering your address below. You'll receive an easy-to-use sizing tool by U.S. mail in 5 to 7 days.

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Ring Size Measuring Tips

  • Your ring should fit snugly but be comfortable. Wider rings may be more comfortable a half-size larger.
  • Make sure you measure your knuckle also, so the ring will be sure to slide over it.
  • Avoid measuring first thing in the morning. For best results, measure a few times in the middle of the day.
  • Our customers aren't as accurate when they use paper or string, which can twist or stretch, so we don't recommend this method. We haven't had much luck with online sizing tools either: if you can wait for our sizing kit to arrive, you'll have better results.
  • The most common women's ring finger size in the United States is a 7. The most common men's ring finger size is a 10. But a lot of our customers are uncommon, so if you don't know your size, measuring is a good idea.
  • Although Gemvara standard sizes for women's rings are 4 to 10 and men's sizes are 8 to 14, we can make a ring that fits you perfectly, no matter what your size: just contact Customer Care at 1-800-436-8803.
  • Want a ring for your pointer finger? Our sizing kit will work for that also. Remember that your left and right hands may be different sizes so be sure to measure the finger the ring will be worn on most.

Buying a Ring as a Surprise?

  • We recommend that you try one or our clever ideas for finding a ring size rather than just settle for the average size. Who wouldn't want to wear the ring immediately, not send it away for sizing?
  • Find a ring he or she wears on the correct finger and try it on your own finger or thumb, marking where it fits comfortably. Then use a ring sizer or a ring at a store to see what size fits you in the same way.
  • Friends and family may know the correct size or may be able to find it out.

Don't Worry, We'll Help You Make Sure Your Ring Fits

  • Gemvara offers one free ring resizing. You've got 101 days to make sure your ring is comfortable.
  • If you need a ring resized, contact Customer Care and we'll make the arrangements.
  • If your ring is an eternity band, resizing will take extra time because we'll have to make the ring again in your size.

Need Help?

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