Men's Rings


About Men's Rings

No longer just the plain bands of the past, today men's rings make a statement. Gems, textures and details add individuality and style to everything you wear. Many styles today are more substantial than the traditional 7mm width. The extra real estate offers more possibilities for design.

When choosing a men's ring, consider your lifestyle. The most important factor in the durability of your ring is the metal. The most popular choices are 14k gold, 18k gold, platinum, and silver.

Gold is both precious and durable. White gold is alloyed with other metals to make it white. Gemvara plates its white gold with rhodium for extra brightness. Platinum is a popular choice for men's rings because it is the most precious metal, naturally white and also hypoallergenic. Platinum is 95% pure, compared to 58% for 14k gold and 75% for 18k gold. Although platinum does scratch, its strength means that it doesn't wear away. When a platinum band is repolished, the metal can be moved back into place. Platinum also holds gems very securely.

Gemvara also creates men's rings in sterling silver. We use Argentium 960, the most durable silver alloy which resists tarnish without the need for rhodium plating. However, silver will show more wear over the years than other metals and is not as strong for setting gems.

To care for your ring, clean with mild dish soap: soak and gently brush to remove any dust. Rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth.


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