Iolite Stud Earrings From $2,000 to $2,249

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About Iolite Stud Earrings From $2,000 to $2,249

Gemvara Iolite Stud Earrings From $2,000 to $2,249 are a classic that you'll wear your whole life. Every pair of our stud earrings is made to order in your choice of gems and precious metals. Most jewelry manufacturers compromise on the quality of the gems they select for earrings, choosing a lower quality than gems for rings. They'll even tell you that quality doesn't matter for earrings because you can't see them while you are wearing them. At Gemvara, we hand select each gem for your Iolite Stud Earrings From $2,000 to $2,249 using the same care and quality standards as we use for our gorgeous gemstone rings. Pairs are perfectly matched for maximum impact. We think classics like Iolite Stud Earrings From $2,000 to $2,249 should be the same investment quality as all your beautiful jewelry, a quality you'll be proud to wear. Long known as "water sapphire," this lovely blue iolite has the steely hue of the ocean at dawn. Gemvara's iolite is carefully oriented and cut for maximum brilliance.Gemvara's fine quality Iolite Stud Earrings From $2,000 to $2,249 are designed to be passed down for generations to come, crafted by hand in the United States.


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