Gemstone Gift Guide

When words are not enough, you can rely on the eloquence of gemstones to convey what is in your heart. For thousands of years, gems have been lasting testaments to enduring emotions. And their natural beauty gives almost as much daily pleasure as the memory of the moment they were given.

According to tradition, gems have magical powers to win love, ward off misfortune, and charm friends and enemies.

Sapphire, gem of the soul, represents loyalty, sincerity, and faithfulness: it is a pledge to be true. Ruby expresses a passion that burns as hot as its vivid red hue. Emerald symbolizes rebirth and new life: It can symbolize a new baby, a new beginning, a second chance, the flowering of a heart in bloom. Diamond is, of course, the most powerful way to promise "forever."

Because aquamarine was long thought to have the power to soothe troubled relationships as well as to calm rough oceans, today it symbolizes the calm seas and serene depths of a happy marriage.

Amethyst symbolizes peace and sobriety, the perfect reminder to take life one day at a time. Topaz, symbolizing the sun, is the perfect gift for the light of your life. Because tourmaline symbolizes artistic inspiration, it is the perfect tribute to your muse.

When added to a stylish jewelry design, birthstones and anniversary gems personalize your gift, making it more thoughtful. Each gem tells a story that makes your gift a memory to share for years to come.

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