Citrine Engagement Rings


About Citrine Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have been the ultimate symbol of love for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, they wore rings on the third finger of the left hand to mark where the "vein of love" went directly to the heart, starting a tradition that continues today. When pledging your love with one of our unique Citrine Engagement Rings, you are starting your own family tradition. The most important value factor to consider when shopping for Citrine Engagement Rings is the quality of the center stone. Gemvara hand-selects top quality conflict-free gems that are expertly cut for maximum beauty. Citrine adds lemon zest to any design. Gemvara's citrine has a bright sunny color that adds a warm glow to your wardrobe. Citrine is a November birthstone and the 13th anniversary gem. Our unrivaled selection of Citrine Engagement Rings by talented jewelry designers means you can find one of our Citrine Engagement Rings that perfectly symbolizes your relationship. Gemvara's fine quality Citrine Engagement Rings are designed to be passed down for generations to come, crafted by hand in the United States.


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