Our Favorite Gifts

  • 14K White Gold Ring with Blue Topaz & Diamond

    Victoria Band

    This delicate band ring with gems half the way around has a detailed edge and a beautifully engraved pattern on each side. The extra attention to detail makes this romantic design a stunning gift.

    Victoria Band »
  • Sterling Silver Ring with Sapphire & Diamond

    Button Band

    A row of brilliant gems lines this sleek band, like buttons on a shirt. This band can be worn alone or with other rings: she'll never want to take it off.

    Button Band »
  • Sterling Silver Ring with Sapphire

    Alhambra Band

    The poetry of the carved walls of the legendary Alhambra Palace inspired the intricately endless celtic knot motifs of this ring by Jessica Behzad. Five gems are linked together in the lovely loops of the design which goes all the way around the finger.

    Brilliant Alhambra Band »
  • Sterling Silver Earrings with Iolite

    Gem Wire Earrings

    Classic and trendy, these gem drops are the most versatile of earrings. The sinuous design loops through the ear and into a round bezel-set gem. Choose your metal and get creative with our palette of gems to design the perfect gift.

    Gem Wire Earrings »