Gemvara Gemstones

  • Alexandrite Jewelry

    Alexandrite's awe-inspiring colors change from shades of green and blue to vivid reds and purples as it moves from sunlight to indoor light. It's said to bring good luck and fortune to its bearer.

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  • Garnet Jewelry

    Legend says a blazing garnet shone for 40 days and nights to light the path for Noah's Ark. Garnet glows red: the dark earthy red of red garnet or the raspberry red of rhodolite garnet. Garnet is the birthstone for January and the second anniversary gem.

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  • Aquamarine Jewelry

    Aquamarine captures the beauty of the sea. Legends say that aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids, with the power to keep sailors safe at sea. The icy color is as fresh with earth tones as with other pastel shades and the perfect accompaniment to grey and navy.

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  • Iolite Jewelry

    Long known as "water sapphire," this lovely blue gem has the steely blue of the ocean at dawn. It has a look and lasting value you'll love for less. Iolite is the 21st anniversary gem.

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  • Black Diamond Jewelry

    How can we explain the mysterious appeal of black diamond? This sleek modern gem is black as night: an inky bottomless pool. That doesn't mean it doesn't sparkle: its faceted surface reflects as only diamond can.

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  • Cultured Pearl Jewelry

    According to ancient legend, the moon holds the power to create pearls, instilling them with a celestial glow. Gemvara offers cultured pearls in an unprecedented palette of your choice of six lustrous natural hues from lakes and oceans around the world.

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  • Black Onyx Jewelry

    The little black dress of gemstones, opaque black onyx takes on extra polish in eye-catching faceted cuts. It has the look of black diamond for less. Black onyx is the 7th anniversary gem and the zodiac gem for the sign of Leo.

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  • Peridot Jewelry

    Peridot is the extraterrestrial gem: tiny peridot crystals have been discovered in meteors that fall to earth. On our planet, this lime-green gem forms in volcanoes, under tremendous heat and pressure. The Hawaiians say it is the goddess Pele's tears.

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  • Citrine Jewelry

    Citrine adds a squeeze of lemon sparkle to any jewelry design. Citrine's bright sunny color will add a warm glow to your wardrobe.

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  • Ruby Jewelry

    Worn by passionate women with a flair for the dramatic, ruby is the gem of courage and emotion. Its fiery brilliance attracts the eye and quickens the pulse. In legend, ruby is the gem of the heart with the power to kindle the flame of desire.

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  • Diamond Jewelry

    The Romans thought diamonds were so brilliant they must be stars fallen from the heavens. Born deep within the earth millions of years ago, diamonds are the hardest natural substance. But it's diamond's brilliance and fire that makes it the world's most treasured gem.

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  • Sapphire Jewelry

    The ultimate blue gem, sapphire comes in a rainbow of options, including blue, pink, yellow, and white. September's birthstone and the 5th and 45th anniversary gem, sapphire is the gem of truth, loyalty and the soul.

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  • Emerald Jewelry

    The rich verdant color of spring, emerald symbolizes rebirth and new life. Emerald jewelry celebrates a new baby, a new beginning, a second chance, or the flowering of a heart in bloom.

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  • Tanzanite Jewelry

    Tanzanite has a velvety twilight blue unlike any other gem. Mined in only one place in the world, near the foot of majestic Kilimanjaro, tanzanite is exceptionally rare.

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  • Fire Opal Jewelry

    Born in the fire of Mexico's volcanoes, fire opal's natural bright orange is unmatched in the gem kingdom. Opal is a birthstone for October and the 14th anniversary gem.

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  • Tourmaline Jewelry

    The gem of inspiration and creativity, tourmaline in pink and green inspires a garden of beautiful jewelry designs. October's birthstone and the eighth anniversary gem, tourmaline belongs in every gem wardrobe.

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