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Initial Necklaces: Your Signature Style

For letter-perfect style, there's nothing like a fashionable initial pendant. These trend-setting letter necklaces are a wonderful way to express yourself, of course. But today, alphabet necklaces are also a fashionable way to keep those you love close to your heart.

  • Wear the initials of the ones you love to celebrate your connection.
  • Chic mommy initial pendants are popular with stars: Katie Holmes wears an "s" pendant for Suri, Jennifer Lopez has an "m&e" necklace for Max and Emma, and Halle Berry wears an "n" for Nahla.
  • All Gemvara initial necklaces are customizable. Choose your favorite gem, your birthstone, or the birthstone of someone you love.
  • Layer several initial pendants to celebrate your family or make a monogram necklace with all your initials.
  • Gemvara's fine quality initial pendants are a future heirloom for the next generation, crafted by hand in the United States.