Customer Stories

Gemvara Customers Share Their Jewelry Stories

Only One in the World

"My husband just presented me with a gorgeous anniversary band with both of our birthstones in a beautiful setting. I was absolutely speechless when I realized, this is the only ring like it in the world!"

- Pam

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The Most Romantic Piece of String

"Carrie and I went on a canoe trip to celebrate our second anniversary. I proposed to her while we were sitting by the campfire on the first night of our trip, and she said yes! She said she would have been happy if I had just tied a piece of string together and asked her to marry me, but she absolutely loves her ring. I've caught her admiring it more than a few times. (I admit that I've done it myself.) All of her friends love it, too. The two words she uses to describe her style are "simple" and "elegant," and this ring does a fantastic job of meeting those criteria. The detail around the setting is beautiful, and the pattern on the sides is simple and classy. Carrie said that she didn't want an engagement ring that looked like all the others, and this one is indeed unique. I looked at hundreds of rings, and when I saw this one, I just knew it was the perfect one. I guess that can be said for Carrie, too. (Sorry to get all mushy.)."

- John

40 Years of Magic

"I ordered a sterling silver claddaugh ring... a gift to my wife on our 40th anniversary (the stones added up to 40 years). On June 12th (the big day), I took my wife up to Bridal Veil Falls... There under the falls, I got on my knee and proposed to her again, giving her the ring. The ring was beautiful and she was very surprised and excited. After 40 years of marriage, the magic is still there. Thank you Gemvara for the exquisite workmanship of your product and the excellent service and customer care... I truly was not disappointed."

- Mark

Personal Appreciation

"Thank you for your personal note. That was unexpected and much appreciated. It's a great feeling to know you acknowledge each purchase individually. I feel in good hands with Gemvara."

- Edward

She Said Yes

"Thank you so much! I received my ring today and I gave it to my girlfriend she said she would marry me. The look on her face when she saw the ring was better than I could have hoped for. Please tell everyone who helped create this masterpiece thank you and I will never forget where it came from, and how much your company cares about the people who place orders."

- Jesse

Many Styles For Men

"I had purchased my wife's engagement ring in Brazil a few months before discovering your website. I was impressed with the number of styles you offer for men, the clean interface of the site, and the customizable features of your jewelry. I am happy to say that I was able to match my wife's ring perfectly-- both in settling style and color of the gemstone. From start to finish my order was handled with care and professionalism, and I am very satisfied with my purchase."

- Leo