Gemvara presents Annabel's Creations

  • Petite Pave Bow Pendant

    "Sometimes a perfect little bow is all it takes to complete a look. With Gemvara, I was able to create exactly what I wanted, petite and ladylike in yellow gold and diamonds."

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  • Naked Cushion Ring

    "My favorite time of day is what filmmakers call 'the golden hour', when the sun starts to set and casts the most beautiful light. It inspired me to combine yellow citrine and rose gold."

    Naked Cushion Ring »
  • Renaissance Band

    "My mother loves opulent, sumptuous colors and textures and has a particular crush on Pre-Raphaelite art. For her, I picked the blue tanzanite and purple amethyst because they harmonize so lusciously."

    Renaissance Band »
  • Skylight Heart Gem Pendant

    "Call me sentimental, but hearts remind me of all that I love -- and that includes diamonds. Here I was able to put the two together. I'd wear this layered with an initial pendant."

    Skylight Heart Gem Pendant »