Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby Buyer's Guide

  • Ruby is the gem of passion and the heart and the symbol of undying love, making ruby engagement rings the perfect choice for those madly in love.
  • The ultimate red gem, ruby has been the world's most valued gemstone for most of recorded history. Large fine rubies are still more per carat than large diamonds.
  • The most important value factor for ruby rings is the color of the ruby, which should be pure vivid red with no overtones. Pink-red and maroon shades are more affordable.
  • Gemvara sells only natural hand-selected premium rubies in an exceptional engagement-ring quality.
  • Almost all rubies, including the ones Gemvara sells, are heated to almost 2,000 degrees to see if the color and clarity will improve. You should assume every ruby has been heated without a report from a respected lab like GIA or AGL that says otherwise.
  • Some ruby on the market is heated with a glass-like material that helps to fill fractures and improve clarity. These stones are less rare and so less valuable. Gemvara does not sell glass-filled ruby.
  • Ruby is the birthstone for July, the fifteenth and fortieth anniversary gem, and the zodiac gem for the sign of Cancer.
  • Ruby rings are durable and suitable for everyday wear. Clean with mild dish soap: use a soft brush behind the stone where dust can collect.

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