Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

Pink Sapphire Buyer's Guide

  • Pink sapphire is the most feminine of precious gems, with a pastel color that ranges from powder puff pink to bubble gum to honeysuckle. Brilliant and durable, pink sapphire rings combine the lasting value of sapphire with the sweetness of pink.
  • Sapphire is the gem of truth, symbolizing fidelity and the soul. In ancient times, a gift of a sapphire was a pledge of trust and loyalty. This tradition makes pink sapphire engagement rings as meaningful as they are beautiful.
  • Since the word sapphire is synonymous with the color blue, many people don't realize that sapphire comes in pink too. Sapphires in other colors are known as fancy sapphires, just like diamonds in other colors are known as fancy diamonds.
  • Sapphire and ruby are twins separated at birth: different colored crystals of the mineral corundum, which comes in every color of the rainbow. When the family connection was discovered, gemologists decided that all the family members would be called sapphire except red, which would still be called ruby. Pink shades are called sapphire rather than ruby.
  • Gem experts often debate where ruby ends and pink sapphire begins, since pink is really just light red. Pink sapphire is even rarer than blue: in some ways it has more in common with ruby than the other colors of sapphire.
  • Almost all pink sapphires, including the ones Gemvara sells, are heated to almost 2,000 degrees to see if the color and clarity will improve. Heat enhancement is stable, does not require special care, and does not reduce the stone's value. You should assume every pink sapphire has been heated without a report from a respected lab like GIA or AGL that says otherwise.
  • Some pink sapphire on the market is diffusion-treated: chemicals are introduced into the top layer of the gem to create a rind of more intense color. These stones are less rare and so less valuable. Gemvara does not sell diffusion-treated sapphires.
  • Sapphire is the September birthstone, the gem of the fifth and 45th wedding anniversary, and the zodiac gem for Virgo.
  • Pink sapphire rings are durable and suitable for everyday wear. Clean with mild dish soap: use a soft brush behind the stone where dust can collect.
  • Learn more about sapphire in our Gem Library.

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