Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Buyer's Guide

  • It's easy to see why diamond rings are the world's most popular adornment: diamond combines dazzling brilliance with prismatic fire.
  • The Romans thought diamonds must be fallen stars. The ancient Greeks called diamond "adamas," meaning invincible, theorizing that something so beautiful must be the crystallized teardrops of the gods. Wearing diamond is said to attract good fortune too.
  • Earth's hardest substance, diamond embodies "forever." Most couples around the world mark their commitment with a diamond engagement ring.
  • As anyone who's researched diamonds knows, their value varies dramatically with quality, the 4Cs. White gems with the least amount of color and the fewest imperfections are the most rare and valuable. The bigger the diamond, the higher its carat weight and the more it costs per carat. Cut is arguably the most important value factor because the quality of a diamond's cut gives it its life and sparkle.
  • Higher quality diamonds tend to hold value better than inexpensive gems, so most experts advise buying a better smaller stone rather than a larger lower quality version.
  • For maximum value, look for sizes that are slightly less than round numbers, as price per carat increases as a diamond's weight hits magic numbers like one carat or 1.50 carat.
  • Diamond engagement rings aren't the only reason why people wear diamonds. In addition to being the birthstone for April and the gem of the 10th and 60th anniversary, diamonds are a wardrobe essential, from basic diamond stud earrings to diamond solitaire pendants, to diamond anniversary rings and diamond right-hand-rings.
  • For more information on buying a diamond engagement ring, read about Diamond in our Gem Library. For the latest engagement ring trends and celebrity engagement rings, see the Gemvara blog.

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