Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Diamond Buyer's Guide

  • Black diamonds are real diamonds: the black color is caused by graphite inclusions or, more commonly, enhancement by a safe form of irradiation and heat.
  • Gemvara offers enhanced black diamonds because they have better color and fewer inclusions, making them as durable as colorless diamonds.
  • Color should be even: black diamonds that owe their color to natural inclusions can have patchy color.
  • Because their inner landscape is turbulent, it is not unusal for black diamonds to have minor surface inclusions and polishing lines.
  • Black diamonds generally weigh a bit more than colorless diamonds: a one-carat black diamond will be smaller than a one-carat colorless diamond.
  • Unlike other diamond colors, black diamonds don't sparkle but they do have a highly reflective adamantine lustre.
  • Black diamond is an appropriate engagement ring choice for women who don't follow the crowd. Carrie Bradshaw receives a black diamond engagement ring in Sex and the City 2.
  • "Nevada Black Diamond" and "Alaska Black Diamond" aren't black diamond at all: these are advertising terms for obsidian volcanic glass and hematite.

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