Meet Our Jewelry Consultants

  • Linda D. - Customer Care Representative
    Linda loves sparkle, so diamonds are her favorite gem. She has such an amazing jewelry wardrobe she has a hard time deciding which piece to wear each day. (That's why she's usually wearing more than one even if she's just going to the supermarket.) When she is not planning her next purchase or shopping for jewelry vicariously through her Gemvara customers, Linda enjoys the beach and gardening.
  • Stacey S. - Director of Customer Care
    Stacey keeps customers first as Gemvara's director of customer care. She is almost as good at word jumbles and crosswords as she is at matching customers with the perfect piece of jewelry. She is proud to be Gemvara's first employee. She can't possibly pick a favorite Gemvara piece because she falls in love all over again every week. When she isn't shopping for jewelry, she's shopping for shoes.
  • Beth B. - Customer Care Representative
    Beth, a theater arts teacher, has always had a flair for the dramatic. This includes her jewelry style. She especially loves the grace and fluid lines of Ji Hwang's designs. The theater taught her that diamonds are a girl's best friend and this is a lesson she's happy to share with boyfriends and husbands: just send them her way.
  • Melissa Q. - Customer Care Representative
    Melissa is a busy mom but that doesn't mean she isn't well-accessorized! She loves the sparkle of jewelry and her two little girls are princesses-in-training who love to play dress-up with mommy's diamonds. Her favorite designers are Jeet Palavwala and Carl Ansley for their classic simplicity. When she isn't chatting with customers, she's probably on an adventure with her kids.
  • Mandy C. - Customer Care Representative
    Mandy really loves jewelry. With a background in financial services, she is happy now to help people invest in jewelry they love instead. She loves fashion but with three daughters, ages six, three, and one, she doesn't have as much time as she used to for shopping. She's happy to get a chance to shop online with our customers.
  • LeeAnn F. - Customer Care Representative
    Lee Ann loves people and shopping (and jewelry, of course!) so Gemvara is her dream job. She's lucky that her two children bring her joy and her husband Tom has always brought her beautiful jewelry! Daughter Caroline, 11, is a dancer and Drew, 9, is her constant comic relief. She is a true Virgo who loves sapphires and can be a bit compulsive when it comes to details. Let her help you find exactly what you are looking for!
  • Becky M. - Customer Care Representative
    Becky is very creative. Becky loves to cook, paint, take photographs, and is interested in design of all kinds. She also treasures watching her three kids play football and owns a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, which is a particularly cute and smart dog breed. Unfortunately for her husband, Becky loves diamonds more than any other gemstone, and hopes to own several Gemvara diamond bands. Her goal is to walk four miles a day and she's addicted to the show Say Yes to the Dress and is a big Tom Brady fan like the rest of us.
  • Marynell H. - Customer Care Representative
    Marynell rediscovered youth. She says that working at Gemvara is her anti-aging antidote! We couldn't agree more. Marynell is suited well for Customer Care; she worked in retail for 15 years as a buyer and manager. She adores walking on the beach with her husband and dog Harley, is hooked on HGTV and sports, and is really looking forward to building up her jewelry wardrobe. She's hoping that her first Gemvara piece will be the Rich & Thin Band in sapphires and diamonds for her 25th wedding anniversary; the ring would represent her birthstone (sapphire) as well as his (diamond). Hint, hint!
  • Emily P. - Customer Care Representative
    Emily said yes! Everyone at Gemvara HQ proposed to her. Seriously. A guitar was played and the lyrics to "Yesterday" by the Beatles were reworded. We got down on one knee and offered a proposal of employment in a Gemvara ring box. Thankfully, she said yes! Emily was founder Matt Lauzon's personal shopper at Nordstrom; he appreciated her help so much, he decided to steal her away. She attended SUNY Albany where she majored in theater. She loves to sing and watch plays in her spare time, especially "Rent" and "Wicked". Baking and shopping are also favorite pastimes, and Emily adores the Samantha Ring in ruby, her birthstone.
  • Louis A. - Customer Care Representative
    Louis is passionate about the arts. A fresh graduate of Bradley University in Illinois with a communications degree concentrated in journalism, Louis just moved back to Boston. Louis comes to Gemvara with experience in diplomacy; he was a station manager at his college radio station and worked as an artist liaison and hospitality intern for a major music and event promotion company. Louis loves music, live events, photography, skateboarding, and surfing. Louis enjoys social media and observing trends and coverage in news channels. You can talk to Louis via our Customer Care twitter handle, @Gemvara_Cares.
  • Jodie M. - Customer Care Representative
    Jodie loves making people smile. Jodie believes that Customer Care really embodies Gemvarian values and consistently puts them into practice. She also adores traveling, reading, writing, and studying languages; she's currently learning six! (That's in addition to her French minor.) When she's not delighting customers, she runs, lifts weights, and enjoys practicing bikram yoga. As for jewelry, Jodie admits she has her eyes on the new Naked Gems collection and would love to sport a Naked Gem ring, necklace, and earring suite.

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