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  • On Golden Wings

    I received my jewelry this morning and I LOVE IT!!! The custom design is exactly what I wanted. Seven years ago I lost my only child in a terrible fatal accident. For several of those years I have worked with Compassionate Friends, an organization for bereaved parents. The symbol for the organization is a butterfly. Therefore, I chose a gold butterfly with my birthstone (amethyst) and my son's (garnet). I will wear the piece always - I plan on never taking it off - just knowing it's there brings a measure of peace to my heart. Thanks.
    - Pat
  • Labour of Love

    My wife went into labor last Monday night, and the baby came Wednesday. I was going home to check on our cats and saw the package there on the porch. I took it to her that day and she loves it. Thank you for help making this event very special. She will wear the "J" forever.....
    - Colin
  • Garnets for an Eternity

    I love the ring, it's exactly what I wanted. I'm very pleased with it! Thank you so much!!! I actually ordered this ring to wear with my wedding set after my wedding in a few months – I wanted something really simple and slim so that it fit along with both my wedding band/engagement ring (and I have super small hands), and I wanted something incorporating garnets (my fiance's birthstone), and this looks perfect with my set!!! I loved the idea of having an eternity band with the stones going all the way around the ring too, which you can't really find in many stores (with any stone) in anything under than a size 6 – I guess the manufacturers just don't make them that small.
    - Sarah
  • Burning a Hole in My Pocket

    Thanks so much for the ring! It was great working with you on this. It's absolutely stunning and oh so different. I had the ring for two days before I gave it to her. I couldn't wait any longer! It was burning a hole in my The aquamarine almost looks like a diamond in regard to the cut and brilliance. Whoever cut the stone did an excellent job. Thanks again!
    - Steven
  • My Son on My Finger

    I got it yesterday and it is beautiful!!! Thank you so much. The ring surpassed my expectation and I love the bio that is sent with the ring about the stones and the artist. I am sure to find your website again and again when I want something extra special! You will be the first one I call when I want something special made. My son saw it over the holiday and was very moved by it. He is 25 and it is nice to have him "on my finger". Ha!
    - Kathy
  • Engaged to a Beautiful Woman

    My (since last Friday) fiancée loved the ring! She especially liked the combination of platinum with the garnet stone (her birthstone), and the subtle vintage design. Thanks for your help in getting me engaged to a beautiful woman!
    - Marielle

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