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  • Speedy Delivery

    Your customer care representative was extremely helpful, very friendly, and informative. The ring was returned sooner than scheduled and it looks awesome!... I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends!
    - Deidra
  • Thoughtful Notes

    I absolutely love my ring... I have received so many wonderful comments and have recommended Gemvara to all... I also wanted to let you know how nice it was to receive a handwritten note along with the ring, it was very thoughtful.
    - Kelley
  • Unique Piece

    The detail to which you can customize the pieces is absolutely amazing, and we're very excited at having a unique piece to represent our relationship. It's just as amazing on her finger as it was when we previewed it online.
    - Justin
  • Pleased Beyond Words

    We received our rings about a week ago, and were amazed at how beautiful they are. The website or the hand videos that you were so kind to send to me could not possibly do justice to these pieces of jewelry. We are pleased beyond words!! Our special day will be that much more special!
    - Susan
  • The Most Romantic Piece of String

    Carrie and I went on a canoe trip to celebrate our second anniversary. I proposed to her while we were sitting by the campfire on the first night of our trip, and she said yes! She said she would have been happy if I had just tied a piece of string together and asked her to marry me, but she absolutely loves her ring. I've caught her admiring it more than a few times. (I admit that I've done it myself.) All of her friends love it, too. The two words she uses to describe her style are "simple" and "elegant," and this ring does a fantastic job of meeting those criteria. The detail around the setting is beautiful, and the pattern on the sides is simple and classy. Carrie said that she didn't want an engagement ring that looked like all the others, and this one is indeed unique. I looked at hundreds of rings, and when I saw this one, I just knew it was the perfect one. I guess that can be said for Carrie, too. (Sorry to get all mushy.)
    - John
  • Aunt Star's Ring

    When I was 6 years old a great aunt of my mother's gave my mother a ring nearly identical to this. You can imagine the delight of a 6 year old when Aunt Star said the ring was to be given to me on my mother's passing. Mom wore the ring almost every day the rest of her life and we often chatted about how pretty it would look on my long slim hand. Mom died a little over three years ago and shortly before her death most of her good jewelry went missing. I remember how bare her hands looked the day of her funeral with no rings. I felt so bad: I had lost my Mom and Aunt Star's ring. I have several lovely diamond rings, so my hands did not lack sparkle, but this ring just belongs on me. Plus, I have a beautiful granddaughter with long slim hands who will receive this ring on my passing. We went shopping for and found her wedding dress last night, so receiving this ring today made this week one of the most pleasant weeks in this old lady's life. This ring is sparkling up at me as I type and it looks so beautiful and right!!! I think I will call it Aunt Star's replacement ring. Thank you so much. I am just giddy with joy. I hope whoever has Aunt Star's original ring enjoys it as much as I will enjoy Aunt Star's replacement ring. Thank you again, my ring is gorgeous. It completes my hand, as I have dreamed it for 60 years.
    - Sue

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